Dollars and Sense

We take our corporate partnerships very seriously; we’re nothing without you. 

We are equally serious about our corporate social responsibility and sustainability and do our part everyday for the health of our collective ecology, economics, politics and culture. 

Creativity starts in all of our heads and for GO Productions and you, often turns into theatrical sets and environments. Environmental performance is important.

Our construction partners and the construction products that they use are as gentle to the planet as possible; lead free, PCB free and sometimes free free – we recycle with abandon. Like Scarlet O’Hara, the drape we dress a set with today may become skirting for a control booth surround tomorrow. It just makes sense to work this way. And saves cents, too.

When we build we go so far as to think about the weight of our set designs and how their elements will pack in a truck because less trucks on the road means a cleaner planet. This makes our job a little harder but again, we think it just makes sense to work this way. And saves cents, too.

Every meeting, every conference, every product launch, every press release all have one common denominator. People. Like you, we are in the people performance business and think human rights & social performance is important. 

Fortunately, we have the backing of a multitude of theatrical and performance unions that have set the standards for our employment practices.  From Actors Equity to the International Alliance of Theatrical Stage Employees (I.A.T.S.E.) and the many local labor companies (non-union) we employ, we always follow union and local employment standards. Health & Safety Procedures along with a decent wage for a good days work is the tradition of these union and local labor contracts to which we prescribe. 

We research, we negotiate and we monitor our temporary employees closely to insure they are well cared for and are caring well for the elements we have made for you.  It just makes sense to work this way. 

GO Productions’ mission of sustainability and the endurance of our corporate partnerships is based upon the sustainability of our systems, processes and vendor relationships.  

Our vendor relationships are born of honesty, trust and performance. Our vendors earn our business the same way we earn yours; through hard work and flawless execution. We do not engage in bribery, collusive practices or any other form of corruption to obtain or retain your business nor will we permit any untoward financial behavior from any of our suppliers. It just makes sense to work this way.